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Irritate the chat spammer department, daily report

anne d

The moon is in the seventh house!

anne d
I cuckoo Appoints Anne and you love to know you

Automatic translation is the opiate of the proletariat!

anne d
bah I do the translation with you but could we exchanged

You are totallly incomphensible when the hamster aligns with the donkey,

anne d
I do not understand how I’m Anne-marie I suisde the France I am in the city of Bastia and you

I am on the dark side of the moon in a secret military camp to make war against Jupiter.

anne d
bah no worries then it tell you to do acquainted ?? I am 35 years old I am single without children I live alone and you

I am 5*, have a wife and two kids and am married fpr 2* years. so I giess you wate your time, baby.

anne d
Bah yes I understand but you can just stay friends no business wasting time with you
anne • 34 Min.

You are not my frend, you are just a chat spammer with automatic translation. I assume you are not even female 😉

anne d
dsl you good luck

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[Kat. ]

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